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Karen Guthrie


I discovered a passion for caring for Moms and Dads while helping my daughter give birth to my first grandson. Because I believe every woman should have the care and pampering of a doula, and every dad should have some of the struggle of a long labor lifted off his shoulders, I take many kinds of insurance. Among them are Tricare and Medi-Cal, but the list is constantly growing. I am a DONA certified birth doula, a graduate of South Coast Midwifery Internship program, Spinning Babies Parent Educator (provisional), advanced VBAC doula and retired Hypnobabies instructor. I am fully vaccinated for Covid-19 but, I respect your right to choose for yourself and your family. I am also trained for the use of TENS in birth. This tiny little device can allow you to control discomfort and postpone or remove the need for an epidural! After spending 31 years in the corporate world I can help you combine your career and motherhood or just commisurate on the challenges of working while pregnant. Married for 37 years, I love scuba diving, traveling, quilting, painting in watercolor and finding new ways to get giggles out of my grandchildren. I believe that the choices you make during your birth must be your decision. I will never try to judge what you choose, because I want you to be glowing with joy when your baby is in your arms, happy and at peace with your birth journey!